i never have liked the “just girly things” series.

I love these.

This is absolute perfection

this is the saddest post I’ve ever seen

My heart is broken

My Kokoro is Brokoro

we live in a society where most people just take everything for granted and think only of themselves, this makes it all real again 

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Can’t trust anyone, not even your boyfriend
No one understands, not even your best friend
You cant even rely on anyone, especially not yourself

Hunny G

phoenixfeathergoddess said: I know I told you this already but your url just makes me actually so happy.

Aw thank you so much, it honestly means so much to me- mostly because I didn’t think anyone would see it in the first place. 

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This sums up what ive been trying to put into words for ages 

This sums up what ive been trying to put into words for ages 

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Zombie Apocalypse: British Edition

I dont normally re blog stuff like this but This film is amazing, as so true

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Just having one of those nights where you stay up early just crying 

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